As an administrator you’re tasked with developing and implementing plans to meet the goals of your facility. COVID-19 has caused many administrators to put a bigger focus on exceeding the public standards for safety and sustainability, which can be communicated visually when people enter your facility and see its level of cleanliness. One of the biggest concerns for many facilities is reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination which can lead to health acquired infections and shortages of medical care and staff. The spread of contaminants also leads to increased absenteeism in K12, universities, and office places. Restrooms are a hot spot for cross-contamination, which is partly why they’re the most expensive area to clean in an entire building. They account for almost 60% of all the supplies in a building, which means there is an opportunity to consider ways to navigate that cost in your infection plan.

When it comes to solutions to help you execute your reimagined infection plans, you have options. One avenue to consider is cleaning equipment specialized to help your staff get better cleaning results more efficiently. When developing a plan based on keeping your facility image positive and reducing the chance of infection, it’s important to look at your restrooms. Restrooms are one of the most, if not the most, common sources of cross-contamination and they can be a popular source of complaints for your facility.

Making specialized restroom cleaning equipment part of your plan will help keep your facility top-notch and reduce the chance of the spread of diseases or the COVID-19 virus. If this becomes common in your facility, it’s very easy for this to be traced back to the source and the blame is usually put on top administrators and their cleaning staff. The Kaivac no-touch cleaning machine applies automatically diluted solution for you and flushes soil out of hard-to-reach areas, like grout lines. Traditional cleaning methods make it almost impossible to reach certain areas, and the more your custodian relies on their hands and traditional cleaning methods to get the job done, the more likely they are to be exposed to contaminants. By ensuring your floors and fixtures are cleaned more efficiently with less exertion, you’re reducing the chance of error. As a facility manager you’re also able to visually see improvements in cleanliness and dryness as you’re doing visual inspections.

Kaivac cleaning machines are approved for biohazard cleanup, and are EPA approved to kill COVID-19, Influenza, and more. In order to protect patients and residents, it’s important to ensure your staff is protected to. These machines are built for hospital-grade cleaning and are equipped to help your team clean more effectively. By ensuring you’re taking extra measures to achieve total infection control, you can be confident in your procedures even if there’s a claim of infection traced back to you. Kaivac has also developed a measurement system to deliver a cleanliness measurement quickly, which makes it easy to benchmark the progress your infection control plan is making.

The Hillyard Cleaning Companion also helped revolutionize the restroom cleaning process. These machines use a pressure spray wet vac system that reduces the amount of time needed to clean floors and fixtures dramatically. You can still scrub floors if needed, but by high-pressure rinsing sinks, urinals, or any high soil area you can eliminate the need to do it manually. Refer to your Pike representative for equipment specific questions, and we will help to make sure you’re meeting your organizational goals.