Are your Auto Scrubbers ready for a new school year?

SC800 EcoFlex OL Rt - main productAs the students gear up for a new year of learning, it is important that custodians too prepare for a school year and make sure all the auto scrubbers are in working order. Pull out your equipment and test it to be sure that it is running properly prior to the return of the kids, be proactive with issues before you need to use the machine.
Having issues, we can help! Read below for some troubleshooting hints!
Poor Water Pick-up:
  • If your squeegee is worn or torn, try reversing or replacing it. Also, if it is out of adjustment, move so that the blade touches the floor evenly across it’s entire width. Remove any debris that may be stuck in the squeegee.
  • If the drain hose is leaking, secure the drain hose cap or replace it.
  • Remove any debris that may be clogging the vacuum hose or grid. Check the float to make sure it is not stuck closed.
  • If the tank cover is not closed correctly, or the gasket is damaged or leaking, you may need to replace gasket and seal cover properly.
Poor Scrubbing Performance: 
  • The brush or pad may be worn out, replace them and start out the school year on a fresh one!
  • If you are using the wrong chemical or dilution rate, call Pike Systems for advice on which chemical is best for your application and how it should be diluted.
  • If the machine is not using enough solution, increase solution flow on the control panel.
Inadequate Solution Flow / No Solution Flow: 
  • Is the solution tank empty? It may be as simple of a fix as refilling the tank.
  • The solution lines, valves, filer or trough may be clogged. Flush the lines, trough and clean solution filter.
Machine Does not Run:
  • If the scrubber is not running, the issue could be in the batteries. Are the batteries connected? Make sure to charge the batteries fully.
  • Check for error fault codes in the service manual as the issue could be in the main system control.

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July 1st Product Launch:New Genesan Micro Dilution Caps

Genesan Caps

New Product Alert! We get so excited when we get to share great new products with our customers and the new Genesan Micro Dilution Caps are definitely worth the buzz! Available starting July 1st, the caps provide a new method of product dilution that is safe, mobile, accurate and sustainable. The proportioned caps come in a variety of chemicals and eliminate the risk of chemical splash in addition to being able to be used anywhere, at anytime. You always have 100% accurate dilution!

Contrary to popular belief, caps are cheaper than RTU chemicals. First of all, by buying caps, you eliminate the bulky packaging and high freight costs associated with shipping RTU. With caps, you eliminate the coast of shipping the water. Secondly, PORTION CONTROL! Portion control ensures the exact amount of chemical is being used, this creates an accurate inventory and an accurate process. Using caps also cuts labor costs as custodians no long need to return to closets to use dilution systems as they can refill bottles at any sink in the facility.

Contact us for more information on Genesan Micro Dilution Caps!


ProTips: Caring for Your Wet Mops

wet-floor-sign-mopping3Majority of mops wear out from abuse, not use.  There are a few simple maintenance procedures you can follow that will extend the life and improve efficiency in your mops: 

  • Break in new mop heads by soaking them in a warm, mild detergent for at least twenty minutes. (Pre-laundered mops are ready to use)
  • Avoid scrubbing with the top portion of the mop, this tears strands and shortens the mops life.
  • Avoid strong cleaning solutions (lye, bleach, caustics) that break down strands more quickly.
  • When mopping a rough surface, mop in the direction that minimizes snagging.
  • Cut off any loose strands to prevent snagging and splattering.
  • Rinse and wring out mops after each use.
  • Store mops with the strands hanging down in a warm, dry and well-circulated area.
  • Discard and replace worn out mop heads.

Tips for Your Summer Floor Care

Summer is officially in full swing! The kids are out of school and the Chicago weather is finally warm! Now is the time to get those floors looking great! Continue reading to discover Pike System’s best practices for a variety of floor care! 

 Floor Stripping Best Practices:

  • Keep the floor wet; do not let the solution dry
  • Do not ring your mop out. Pull it straight from the mop bucket and onto the floor
  • Allow 15 minutes for the solution to activate before scrubbing. Scrubbing too soon is counter-productive
  • Use 1 pad per 1,000 square feet. Flip that pad at 500 square feet and discard after 1,000 square feet
  • Coat the baseboards with Hil-Tone or any oil-based dust mop treatment to prevent stripper residue from adhering to baseboards
  • If you havea n orbital machine, use an SPP Pad with the orbital machine to scrub baseboards. Position the pad in the middle of the pad deck and curl it or fold it up in the front of the machine to hit the baseboards at the desired height

Traditional Top Scrubbing: 

  • Keep the floor wet; do not let the solution dry
  • Use a GREEN scrub pad, Black is too aggressive and white/red are not aggressive enough
  • Use 1 pad per 1,000 square feet. Flip that pad at 500 square feet and discard after 1,000 square feet
  • Scrub both horizontally and vertically to ensure even and thorough abrsion

Top Scrub and Recoat with Orbital Machines: 

  • Always dust mop floor before using an orbital machine
  • When using a walk-behind orbital scrubber, run the machine on the lowest water setting with the pad driver locked in the downward position. Chemical is not needed
  • When using a corded orbital, damp mop floor with water prior to scrubbing to contain the dust
  • The less water, the better. Too much water will cause this machine to hydroplane preventing the pad from removing any finish
  • 1 SPP Pad will scrub 10,000 sq. ft. of flooring. To optimize pad life, you’ll need to rinse after every 1,000 sq. ft. Begin the day with 10 pads; 1 per classroom

Looking for a new scrubber to get the job done? We recommend the Advance SC1500 with Rev Technology!

Report any equipment performance issues immediately. Never use a machine that is missing a prong or has exposed wires! Have more questions? Call us at 630.896.6373 – we are here to help!

Vacuuming 101

proteam-in-use-classroomVacuuming is the most efficient way to keep your carpet clean. Depending on the foot traffic, the general cleaning formula ranges from daily for busy areas to weekly for all areas. Vacuuming not only has a positive impact on the facilities appearance, but also contains airborne allergens thus making the air you breathe cleaner.

It is always a good idea to refresh on the basics of cleaning. While you may vacuum regularly, you want to makes sure that you are doing so properly! The Carpet and Rug Institute has put together this list of quick and easy tips to improve what is probably one of the easiest cleaning tasks out there! 

Carpet and Rug Institute’s Quick and Easy tips: 

  • A quick once-over doesn’t do much – slow and steady does the trick
  • When vacuuming, don’t ignore those corners and crevices where dust builds up
  • “Top Down” cleaning saves you the step of vacuuming again after dusting
  • Remember to replace empty vacuum bags when they are half to 2/3 full

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