Building Health and Restroom Cleaning

Building Health and Restroom Cleaning

As a superintendent, it’s your role to oversee daily operations and execute long term planning for your district. Due to the burdens of COVID-19, many superintendents are looking to do more cleaning and disinfecting even with budget cuts. One of the focal points students and the public base their opinion of your facility on is the cleanliness of your restrooms. Restrooms account for a high level of complaints, which makes sense when you think about the number of people who use the restrooms during the 7–8-hour school day, and those using the restroom for special events like sport games. During the pandemic, restroom cleanliness has become more prominently associated with how safe your facility is too and whether it’s in compliance with state and federal standards.

To promote a positive image to the public and other personnel about your facility’s compliance, focus on the number one source of complaints: your restrooms. It’s important to put a focus on how clean your restrooms are as we continue to return to school. With increased frequency for other cleaning tasks required, how do you maintain these new public standards and keep your facility image on track?

This is where specialized equipment can be a good solution for you. Due to stagnant or decreasing budgets, the thought of purchasing a new piece of equipment sounds impossible. However, when you can take into consideration the amount of labor hours spent cleaning your restrooms and locker rooms to keep up with these increased demands it becomes startling. No-touch restroom cleaning equipment makes it easier to start clean and stay clean throughout the year, which in the long run will give you a return on investment. Kaivac has developed a no-touch cleaning system that helps your staff reach a higher standard of clean faster and easier. This puts less strain on custodians, which reduces your chance of having a worker out sick or having a work-related injury. By ensuring work gets done faster with less training, you’re also able to justify not needing to allocate more work to new workers, since your current custodial team will have more time in their day to focus on other cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Hillyard also developed their C3 machines to serve as a multifunction cleaning solution. These machines work by incorporating multiple functions into one machine, allowing you to remove bacteria more efficiently in hard-to-reach places by using a built-in power washer, scrubber, and squeegee or vacuum to completely remove soils and solutions. Using this equipment eliminates the need to do everything by hand, and you can apply a pre-diluted solution to your entire bathroom and vacuum away soils and solution faster. These machines require less water and chemical usage than traditional cleaning methods, which helps to meet your sustainability goals and reduce the cost of your overall spend. When deciding on which restroom equipment is the best investment for your facility, it’s always important to keep in mind the size of the restrooms you’re cleaning and the frequency you’re performing cleaning, and your Pike representative can help accomplish your specific needs.

Your community is relying on your staff to keep students and staff members safe. By using equipment specialized to save on your long-term cost by increasing efficiency and cleaning effectiveness – you can have the money and resources to do just that.

Utilizing Restroom Cleaning Equipment to Help Meet Organizational Goals

Utilizing Restroom Cleaning Equipment to Help Meet Organizational Goals

As an administrator you’re tasked with developing and implementing plans to meet the goals of your facility. COVID-19 has caused many administrators to put a bigger focus on exceeding the public standards for safety and sustainability, which can be communicated visually when people enter your facility and see its level of cleanliness. One of the biggest concerns for many facilities is reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination which can lead to health acquired infections and shortages of medical care and staff. The spread of contaminants also leads to increased absenteeism in K12, universities, and office places. Restrooms are a hot spot for cross-contamination, which is partly why they’re the most expensive area to clean in an entire building. They account for almost 60% of all the supplies in a building, which means there is an opportunity to consider ways to navigate that cost in your infection plan.

When it comes to solutions to help you execute your reimagined infection plans, you have options. One avenue to consider is cleaning equipment specialized to help your staff get better cleaning results more efficiently. When developing a plan based on keeping your facility image positive and reducing the chance of infection, it’s important to look at your restrooms. Restrooms are one of the most, if not the most, common sources of cross-contamination and they can be a popular source of complaints for your facility.

Making specialized restroom cleaning equipment part of your plan will help keep your facility top-notch and reduce the chance of the spread of diseases or the COVID-19 virus. If this becomes common in your facility, it’s very easy for this to be traced back to the source and the blame is usually put on top administrators and their cleaning staff. The Kaivac no-touch cleaning machine applies automatically diluted solution for you and flushes soil out of hard-to-reach areas, like grout lines. Traditional cleaning methods make it almost impossible to reach certain areas, and the more your custodian relies on their hands and traditional cleaning methods to get the job done, the more likely they are to be exposed to contaminants. By ensuring your floors and fixtures are cleaned more efficiently with less exertion, you’re reducing the chance of error. As a facility manager you’re also able to visually see improvements in cleanliness and dryness as you’re doing visual inspections.

Kaivac cleaning machines are approved for biohazard cleanup, and are EPA approved to kill COVID-19, Influenza, and more. In order to protect patients and residents, it’s important to ensure your staff is protected to. These machines are built for hospital-grade cleaning and are equipped to help your team clean more effectively. By ensuring you’re taking extra measures to achieve total infection control, you can be confident in your procedures even if there’s a claim of infection traced back to you. Kaivac has also developed a measurement system to deliver a cleanliness measurement quickly, which makes it easy to benchmark the progress your infection control plan is making.

The Hillyard Cleaning Companion also helped revolutionize the restroom cleaning process. These machines use a pressure spray wet vac system that reduces the amount of time needed to clean floors and fixtures dramatically. You can still scrub floors if needed, but by high-pressure rinsing sinks, urinals, or any high soil area you can eliminate the need to do it manually. Refer to your Pike representative for equipment specific questions, and we will help to make sure you’re meeting your organizational goals.

The Role of Restroom Cleaning Equipment in Preserving Building Image

The Role of Restroom Cleaning Equipment in Preserving Building Image

An unclean restroom damages the image of your entire building and gives the impression there is an error in your ability to maintain a functional and safe building. With an increased focus on restroom cleaning and disinfection, there is beginning to be an increased amount of downtime for restroom usage. As we all know, when it’s time to go, it’s time to GO. As a building and grounds expert you’re familiar with complaints about restrooms being out of order for cleaning – and you’re usually the first to hear about it. It becomes challenging to keep up with higher expectations for restroom cleanliness while also making sure it’s accessible and presentable 24/7.

Using restroom cleaning equipment helps take the strain off your workload by allowing your equipment to do the hard work for you. By using specialized equipment, you can reduce the amount of cleaning supplies needed to get the job done right. Scrubbing and disinfecting urinals, cleaning bathroom fixtures and walls, and cleaning floors are all doable up to 3x faster, cleaning bacteria up to 60x more effectively than traditional cleaning methods. No-touch cleaning machines have a 500 PSI indoor pressure washer built in that can be used to power rinse surfaces like urinals and stall walls with better results. Doing this by hand is ineffective in comparison, and quickly leads to less-than-optimal results. By mechanizing the process of restroom cleaning, you’re cleaning and staying clean faster which reduces down time of your restrooms and increases the health of your buildings.

These machines operate by incorporating multiple uses into one machine, which allows you to apply diluted solution powerfully to get rid of dirt in some of your trouble areas. Some of the most common complaints for restrooms is that there’s a foul odor, grout lines are caked with dirt, there’s dirty walls and floors, and that grout on the floors don’t match grout on the walls. Relying on a machine that can clean some of these problem areas more effectively helps to reduce the chance of dirt and odor after cleaning is completed. Instead of waiting for your floors to dry, Kaivac has a vacuum feature that vacuums away soils and solution with a powerful built in wet vacuum. This vacuum extraction removes soils and solutions and leaves floors clean, dry, and ready for immediate use. By reducing the chance of a fall after floor cleaning is done, you’re also helping to reduce the likelihood of damage or injury.

Other restroom equipment, like the Hillyard C3, works effectively at reducing the amount of time needed to clean a restroom manually too. This machine also makes it easier to apply highly concentrated cleaning formulas that won’t damage fixtures, and has a wand and front mounted squeegee to remove soiled solutions. This makes destroying odors from toilets, urinals, and corners easier and allows you to spend more time keeping up with the rest of your building needs.

How Custodians Benefit from Restroom Cleaning Equipment

How Custodians Benefit from Restroom Cleaning Equipment

Restrooms have always been a main source of complaints since they’re a reflection of your facility’s cleanliness. With an increased standard for restroom cleanliness and disinfection, coupled with an increased frequency of restroom cleaning, many custodians are left wondering how to make up for lost time. Custodians still must accomplish their other cleaning tasks, but now they’re expected to increase their frequency of restroom cleaning. Restroom cleaning is already one of the most labor-intensive processes custodians must do, partly due to the number of times their required to do it and the amount of exertion needed to scrub floors or grout lines and clean fixtures. The concern for custodians is how they can still provide effective cleaning results while increasing efficiency of their efforts. There are ways to increase efficiency without increasing your risk for back strain and fatigue. Rather than only relying on yourself to do cleaning tasks, using equipment allows for the mechanization of cleaning processes and makes your life easier. Equipment has a role in helping to simplify your cleaning process and provides measurable results faster.

Studies confirm that many pollutants originating in the restroom make their way throughout a building, endangering the health of occupants and visitors. This can be concerning since traditional cleaning methods make it more challenging to clean soils trapped in corners and hard to reach areas. There’s probably a chance you’ve been frustrated trying to reach soils trapped in corners that mops can’t reach, and at times there’s no way to ensure you’re truly cleaning and disinfecting to your own standards when you’re relying on traditional cleaning methods. If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 or other illness causing pathogen, many people are quick to look at the work a custodian is doing and how that’s directly impacting the cleaning results.

Mopping makes it hard to emulsify soils since mops are typically over-saturated and spend more time spreading dirt around than picking it up. Using a mop and bucket allows for some waters and soils to stay on the surface, which can build up on floors and grout lines. Our Kaivac spray-and-vac machine is built to clean heavily soiled areas to remove bacteria and dirt entirely. The Kaivac 1250, 1750, and 2750 are all no-touch cleaning machines sized differently depending on the facility and rooms you’re cleaning. It eliminates the need to touch a mop or contaminated surface, which helps reduce the time spent in restrooms and reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination once students or other patrons use the bathroom. This machine allows you to apply your automatically diluted cleaning solution to any restroom hard surface that needs cleaned. Then you can rinse the surface with a built-in indoor pressure washer that reduces the amount of time needed to scrub away dirt and allows you to remove grime in hard-to-reach places traditional cleaning methods can’t clean. Finally, you can use the vacuum on the machine to remove any excess water and soils rather than leaving them on the surface.

The Hillyard C3 also pioneered a new opportunity for touch-free cleaning in your restroom. The C3 reduces operating pressure and water consumption to provide a lower impact cleaning system. This system is also easy to use and add to your cleaning routine, which again allows for reduced cleaning time. Removing soiled solutions is simple with an on-board squeegee, flat mop, or optional vacuum system, which also helps to reduce the chance for a slip or fall.

Two of the main concerns when it comes to a cleaning program are how consistent your results are and the speed at which you can accomplish cleaning and disinfecting. Specialized cleaning equipment allows for higher quality cleaning results regardless of your level of training or experience with equipment. Many manufacturers offer helpful training material and media to help cover every solution your equipment can provide, and your sales representative is another great resource to ask specific questions about equipment to. Relying only on manual cleaning methods rarely provides the thorough cleaning your facility needs, which creates an opportunity for odor causing bacteria and cross-contamination. Couple that with the increased time and intensity of labor to scrub restroom fixtures by manual cleaning methods, it makes sense that 4 in 5 custodians say cleaning the restroom is the most difficult part of their job. According to ISSA standards, when properly performed, traditional restroom cleaning takes about three minutes per fixture, and touch-free restroom cleaning takes about one minute per fixture. That’s a 66% increase in productivity when using touch-free cleaning methods, which can quickly add up. Pike Systems is equipped to provide you with top-of-the-line restroom cleaning equipment to help you reduce the amount of time needed to make your bathroom shine and stay clean longer.

Elevate Your Restroom Cleaning – The Easy Way

Restrooms are a major challenge to clean – they are what patrons typically judge the entire cleanliness of the building on. Why do it the traditional, hard way, when you could reduce cleaning time by as much as 67% and not have to touch anything with the C3HP from Hillyard! With this hands-free cleaning companion, all areas of the bathroom get the full attention they deserve thus improving the cleaning quality in restroom facilities and staff morale.

New! C3 Front Mounted Squeegee:

  • Simplify and speed up solution recovery and quickly dry floors
  • Ideal for large restrooms
  • Purchased as an accessory to both the C3XP  and C3HP
  • Item #HIL99241

C3HP – High Pressure Cleaning:

  • The cord-electric C3HP is ideal for removing heavy soil loads
  • It’s simple to operate – Use the variable angle spray with a pinpoint tight pattern to remove stubborn soils or use the wide fan setting for rinsing
  • C#HP is ideal for high volume restrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and heavy soil loads
  • Item #HIL99242



Odors are No Match for Us!


Pike Systems is revolutionizing the way we fight odors! Introducing Fresh Wave IAQ, the newest product in odor elimination. Fresh Wave IAQ does not just mask odors, it powerfully eliminates them in a green, nontoxic way. It forms a chemical bond with odor causing molecules and eradicates them without leaving a fragrance. Fresh Wave IAQ is composed of a unique but simple formula based on blends of plant oils (lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood), food-grade surfactant and water. It is both safe and easy to use.


What makes Fresh Wave IAQ Different?

  • Eliminates odor – Not a “masking agent” and contains no irritating fragrance
  • Broad spectrum – works on virtually every odor, organic and inorganic
  • Multiple solutions – provides delivery methods to address every odor issue from gels to topical sprays
  • Safe – MSDS reads like water
  • Green- Recognized for safer chemistry by EPA’s design for the environment program


How does it work?

  1. Contact/Absorption – Fresh Wave IAQ molecules released into air or applied to surfaces makes contact with odor molecules via opposing electrostatic charges and random contact
  2. Solubility – enhances solubility of all gases (all odors are gases)
  3. Chemical reaction – Modifies the odor molecules to a non-odorous state so that the odor can no longer be detected by the human olfactory system
  4. Biogradation – Food for bacteria


Is it safe? Fresh Wave IAQ is safe to use around humans and animals.

  • Flash point – none
  • Tox Data – non-toxic, per EPA Guideline
  • Voc Data – no hazardous VOC’s
  • Ecological – does not bioaccumulate


Fresh Wave IAQ is perfect for use in a variety of platforms: healthcare, hospitality, schools and more. Contact Pike Systems and start destroying odors in your facility on a molecular level today with Fresh Wave IAQ!