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Infection Control Certification Program

Returning to school presents the difficult challenge of planning infection control. When the first cases broke out, shutting down schools was the best way to protect everyone. Now the question we must ask is why are we able to reopen schools? The answer is not because the risk has disappeared but that we have developed ways to mitigate the risk. There is not one single product to create a safer environment, but there are processes we can implement, which can be learned about in our infection control certification program.

Week 1: Chain of Infection

As a cleaning and maintenance professional, you play a huge role in keeping people healthy. Your job extends far beyond producing shiny floors. Your job saves LIVES by stopping the spread of infection. Your health and the health of everyone around you depends on your knowledge of the chain of infection and how to break it. In this program, we’ll help you understand what infections are and how they spread.

Week 3: Proper Use of PPE

Safety is a 24/7 attitude. According to the National Safety Council, 80% of all accidents are the result of unsafe actions, not unsafe conditions. In this module, we’ll discuss the purpose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), available PPE commonly used by cleaning professionals, and how to properly remove and dispose of PPE.

Week 5: Disinfecting 101

The selection, application, and understanding of disinfectants is critical in producing safe spaces. In this module, we’ll discuss how to read disinfectant labels, how to properly use them within a complete cleaning process, and some common pitfalls.

Week 7: High Touch Surfaces

High Touch Surfaces are defined as shared surfaces touched by many different people. Because of this, high touch surfaces pose a higher risk of disease transfer and require additional cleaning attention both in terms of frequency of cleaning as well as the actual cleaning process and chemicals used.

Week 9: COVID-19 Spotlight

The novel coronavirus first made an appearance in January of 2020. It took the world by storm and was labeled as a pandemic. Within weeks, it closed schools, businesses, and public spaces. In this session, we’ll discuss what COVID-19 is, why it had such a huge impact on the world, and how you can directly combat it through proper cleaning processes.

Week 2: Stopping the Spread

As a cleaning professional, you are best positioned to save LIVES every day! Every trigger bottle, microfiber cloth, and handwash presents an opportunity to break the chain of infection and stop the cycle of illness in your organization. The chain of infection has six links, six opportunities to prevent that germ from spreading.

Week 4: Masks and Face Coverings

Face coverings are confusing. Different masks and face coverings are needed in different environments. Sometimes we wear face covering to protect others from our germs and sometimes, it’s the opposite. Which is the best fit for your application and how do you stay safe on the job?

Week 6: Preventing Cross Contamination

Cross contamination occurs when germs on one surface are transferred to another surface. There are many ways in which cross contamination occurs but the good news is that it’s preventable. In this module, we’ll explain what cross contamination is and how you can prevent it!

Week 8: Germs that Make Us Sick

As a cleaning and maintenance professional, you encounter more germs each day than other professions. In this module, we’ll discuss some common pathogens, how they are spread, and how to break the chain of infection and stop the spread.

Week 10: Protecting Yourself at Work

As a cleaning professional, you play an important role in keeping other safe and healthy but what about you? How can you keep yourself healthy on the job? We’ll review proper hand hygiene, PPE selection, and more to help you stay safe at work.

Infection Control Program


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