Our Goal

There are only six ways to reduce costs. Five of the six have negative connotations, including decreased morale, decreased cleanliness, and increased turnover. At Pike Systems, our goal is to focus on the one positive way to reduce costs.

Custodial and housekeeping budgets are hard to defend because they normally lack objective standards of measurement. Pike Systems first helps you evaluate how custodial budgets are established and then, how to shift your focus from a traditional budget model to a zero-budget model - one that is built from the ground up, based on the specific needs of the facility and building occupants.

Organizations continue to spend a small percentage of their budgets on maintaining and operating facilities, with the amounts hovering at historic lows.

The Six Ways to Reduce Costs:

Which of these have you employed in your organization?


Reduction in Overall Labor Costs


Reduce Wages


Reduce Staff


Change or Decrease Benefits


Reduce the Quality or Frequency of Cleaning


Increase Productivity of Cleaning

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity can have the greatest impact on your overall budget.

By increasing the productivity of your staff, you're able to do more with less. Even after personnel cuts, it is possible to continue to clean at a high level. Increasing productivity requires so much more than just purchasing new equipment. Staff members must be trained, cleaning schedules must be tweaked for improved productivity, and quality control checks must be conducted routinely to verify compliance and determine if desired results have been achieved.

Pike Systems begins this process by conducting a complete audit of your facility where we acquire square footages, floor surfaces types, and a list of available tools. Pike Systems, then, works with you and your staff to increase overall productivity and quality by using the most effective, modern equipment available - all while driving down the total cost to clean. By applying new and innovative technology to mechanization, we're able to foster higher productivity and deliver higher quality results.

Managing Budgets Vs. Expectations

What do you do when expectations exceed your budget?


Commercial Cleaning Machines are Faster Than Cleaning by Hand

Pike Systems can help you properly mechanize your organization by providing:
  • A better understanding of your facility and how to keep it clean
  • Specific cleaning rates for all types of cleaning equipment
  • Higher performance cleaning processes that lower costs and create high levels of cleanliness
  • Mechanization models for your buildings that offer low, medium, and high degrees of mechanization and are tailored to fit any budget
  • Cost justification worksheets that meet the needs of finance and purchasing
  • Life expectancy charts and replacement cost suggestions for budget planning
  • Breakdowns by building type of where you spend your cleaning resources
  • Cleaning practices that simplify and drive cleaning efficiency