Office Support/Customer Service Position


  • Order entry tasks including inputting customer orders, maintaining our inventory database, and the set-up and maintenance of customer accounts
  • Resolution of customer questions including product, order status, and troubleshooting questions
  • Preparation and maintenance of customer order forms
  • Identification of changes in customer order patterns and notification of appropriate personnel
  • Knowledge of client goals as established by the outside sales representatives
  • Communication with customers, employees, and other individuals to answer questions, disseminate or explain information, take orders, provide information about products and services, and address complaints
  • Assist in monitoring and controlling operating costs such as office, telephone, cell phone, and utility expenditures.
  • Write and re-write operational procedures to accommodate for changing times
  • Assist with purchasing activities primarily for the service department parts
  • Collect, count, and disburse money; do basic bookkeeping and banking transactions
  • Compute, record, and proofread data and other information such as records or reports
  • Administrative/Clerical work such as filing, processing incoming and outgoing mail, and account reconciliations
  • Accounts payable tasks such as upkeep of vendor records, invoice management, and bill-pay
  • Accounts receivable tasks including follow-up on delinquent payments



Work Activities

 • Interacting with Computers — Using computers and computer systems (including hardware and software) enter data/order entry, print/compile report, or process information.
• Getting Information — Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.
• Processing Information — Compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating, tabulating, auditing, or verifying information or data.
• Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships — Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time.
• Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work — Developing specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish your work.
• Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates — Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.
• Documenting/Recording Information — Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/magnetic form.
• Making Decisions and Solving Problems — Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
• Performing Administrative Activities — Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork.
• Analyzing Data or Information — Identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts.


    • A High School Diploma and some College Accounting Courses Preferred
    • Ability to multi-task and set priorities
    • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology
    • Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction
    • Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.



    Compensation package includes an annual salary of $34,000-$40,000, profit sharing, 401-K, health insurance, dental insurance, and paid vacation.