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Summer Carpet Care: Stop Wicking in Its Tracks

Summer is the peak season for carpet cleaning, making it the perfect time to tackle carpet wicking. Carpet wicking is when stains reappear after cleaning. This happens when moisture and dirt get drawn back up through the carpet fibers as it dries, ruining the clean look.

To prevent carpet wicking, follow these tips. First, use a good carpet care program to keep soil from settling deep into the carpet. Clean spills right away to stop moisture from seeping in. Use proper spot-cleaning methods and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid using too much cleaning solution. Dry the carpet quickly with high-speed fans and dehumidifiers to stop stains from reappearing.

If carpet wicking happens, here’s how to fix it. Use a low-moisture encapsulation cleaning method to clean surface stains. Deep clean the area with a carpet extractor and dry it fast to keep deep stains from resurfacing. You can also use the “weighted extraction” method: put clean, white towels on the cleaned spot, weigh them down, and let them draw the stain overnight. Dry the carpet thoroughly afterward.

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