Custodial Workloading Process

Our focus is centered on providing a clean and safe environment by incorporating cutting-edge processes and cleaning technology.

We assess:

  • The time required to complete a task or clean an area
  • The budget impacts of adding or subtracting space, personnel, etc.
  • The effects of a wage increase on overall cleaning budgets
  • The impact of how adjusting task frequency will affect costs
  • Potential productivity gains using different equipment options, while providing before and after assessments to support your purchasing decisions

Each facility is slightly different.

The size, complexity, and use patterns all impact the cleaning requirements of a facility.

By enlisting our assistance in workloading your custodial department, you will be able to answer any staff, chemical, or equipment questions thrown your way.

At Pike Systems, we sift through all the options so that you don't have to. From there, we drive results by putting together a plan that utilizes the best new technologies at an affordable price - Proven, tested technologies that don't require capital budget dollars, drawn out implementations, or upsetting the apple cart; just training, processes, and tools that really work.

From there, you'll be able to generate a list of required cleaning activities and assign frequencies to each, which is what we refer to as a "Scope of Work." The required list of custodial activities can be impacted by the equipment and tools available, as well as your cleaning processes. Based on what tools and equipment are available, a time will be assigned to each specific task. The custodial staff should be held to specific custodial productivity standards.

A Scope of Work is designed to:

  • Ensure the desired level of cleaning
  • Maintain continuity of cleaning within your budget
  • Simplify staff training
  • Allow for easy movement of employees from one area to another
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Provide a framework for quality control
  • Provide a clear understanding and definition of SUCCESS

Custodial workloading reflects our commitment to a single goal: Providing you with the best cleaning results at the lowest cost. That commitment includes complete end-to-end support from space inventory development, system implementation, ongoing technical help, and complete user training to a full range of cleaning chemicals, supplies, and equipment - everything you need to run a successful department! The result: Better program outcomes at a lower overall cost!

We have many different custodial workloading resources available, including software. Please contact us for more information.