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Facility Management

Value added Facility Management

Systems offers tailored value-added services aimed at optimizing your custodial operations through procedural standardization, simplification, and mechanization, resulting in measurable and trackable outcomes.

Customized Action Plan

Our process begins with a thorough site survey, laying the foundation for a customized action plan tailored to your facility’s specific needs. This plan includes implementation timelines, execution strategies, and expected results, ensuring alignment with your goals and objectives.

Results-Focused Training

We provide comprehensive training solutions for all levels of your custodial department, ensuring that staff members are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to execute the action plan effectively. Our training includes written, verbal, and hands-on instruction to drive tangible results.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We empower facility management to make informed decisions by providing accurate data on labor, chemical usage, equipment needs, and more. With readily available data, decisions regarding workloads, equipment investments, and budget allocations become more straightforward and impactful.

Proven Approach for Success

Our approach is rooted in comprehensive evaluation, standardization of best practices, extensive training, and effective management tools. By implementing green cleaning practices, ensuring life safety compliance, and providing quality assurance measures, we help you achieve optimal outcomes.

Comprehensive Facility Management Support

Pike Systems offers a range of facility management services, including green cleaning implementation, staff training, inventory control, quality assurance, and more. Whatever your facility management needs may be, we’re here to provide the support and solutions required for success.

Optimize Your Custodial Operations

We’re here to help! Please send us a message with any questions you may have regarding our services or to schedule a consultation with us to see how we can assist your business in streamlining your housekeeping and custodial departments.