Current Challenges

Our focus is centered on minimizing downtime and boosting efficiency by implementing cutting-edge processes and cleaning technology.
  • Pressure to reduce operating costs - Heightened competition and the pursuit of larger profit margins continues to drive the demand for lower expenditure
  • Demands for better cleaning - A clean work environment is often a safe work environment
  • Freedom to choose - The plethora of choices available to customers and B2B consumers makes setting yourself apart from the crowd of the utmost importance
  • Employee Expectations - Increased recognition of EVS and frontline service workers has emphasized the demand for safe, comfortable, and clean working environments

It is also important to understand that the acquisition cost itself for housekeeping supplies and equipment is a very small part of the total cost.

Our goals in the healthcare setting are:


To reduce operating costs by establishing an equipment inventory and capital replenishment plan in conjunction with managing employee staffing and workloading.


To maximize disinfection standards in the effort to help mitigate HAIs and pathogen transmission by applying the newest technological advances.


To optimize processes and procedures by creating tailored training programs and implementing routine cleaning schedules.


To provide the tools for administrators and management to provide quantitative results by offering audit services and technology driven reports that enable you to track deliverables.


To protect patients, environmental service technicians (EVS) and medical staff by establishing programs geared toward risk mitigation in the categories of infection prevention; workmen's compensation; and slips, trips, and falls.

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